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Things you can do with a brick. January 25, 2009

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*Disclaimer*  This blog is for entertainment purposes only.  Don’t try this stuff at home, kids.  (Well, the dangerous/criminal stuff, anyway.)  If you want to try number two, that’s on you.

1.  Hit someone in the head with it.  Of course this is number one, I’ve watched too much wrestling over the years.

2. Name it Bricky and keep it as a pet.  Keep it in a cage lined with newspaper and a bowl of water.  Feed it regularly.

3. Give it to someone you don’t like as a birthday gift.  Wrap it up in pretty paper and ribbons and give it to them with a smile.

4.  Throw it through a window.  (Don’t get caught!)

5. Put it in your purse (if you’re a woman) and hit someone with it.  When they ask “WTF do you have a brick in that thing?” Laugh and show them the brick.

6. Drop it from a really high building and see what happens.  (Don’t get caught!)

7 Box it up and mail it to someone.  (This would be a waste of money and I don’t even know if it’s legal, so I wouldn’t recommend it.)

8. If you make the brick your pet, paint eyes and a mouth on it and stuff.  Decorate it with macaroni or something.  Give it personality and flair.  Woo!

9. Bring it to an ECW show and see if a wrestler will use it during their match.  Well this would work if it were like, 1998 or something, damn it.

10. Wrap it up in brown paper and put it on someone’s porch to see if they think it’s a bomb.  For Pete’s sake, don’t get caught!
Well, that’s all I got.  What would you do with a brick?


Destiny’s Pet Peeves (Volume 1) January 11, 2009

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Welcome to the first edition of Destiny’s Pet Peeves.  Today I’ll be ranting about fashion!  Here we go!

– Baggy jeans, especially if you can tell the guy wearing them has/might have a nice ass.  What a crime against society, hiding your booty like that!

-Wearing the aforementioned baggy jeans with a belt, but the belt is around your ass/hips rather than your waist.  It’s just not a good look.  It’s even worse when you can see their boxers, and they have to waddle because they can’t move their legs properly because their pants are wrapped around their damn thighs!

– Socks with sandals.  (Need I say more?)

– Wearing a hockey/football jeresey and tucking it in.  Seriously, the only reason you should be tucking your jersey in is if you’re actually playing the sport and are in uniform.

– Wearing your ball cap with the brim totally straight and cocked on your head.  (Extra boos if your hair is spiky underneath all this mess.)  You totally look like a douche.  Stop it.  Bend the fucking hat brim, and put the hat on your head properly, you look like a handicapped duck.  The brim is meant to shield the eyes from sun, and you’re standing there squinting like a moron because your hat brim is on top of your fool head.  Take the damn stickers off, while you’re at it.  Your worn-in Yankees cap was once a bright shade of white, now it’s a dull greyish color, yet your shiny-new MLB sticker is still attached.  Why?  Let the hat age gracefully.  There’s actually something kind of sexy about a guy in a worn in baseball cap.

– Women: (I’m not just picking on the guys here, the fairer sex is guilty of some awful fashion as well!)  When your face is Fake-N-Bake Orange and your lips are a totally unnatural shade of whitish-pink, you look like an oompa loompa with a coke problem.  Just thought you should know.

– Speaking of women and lips, enough with the “Kissy Face Look” for the love of God!  Since when was being a goldfish sexy?

– Back to the men for a moment!  Unless you fall into the following categories:  Professional Wrestler, at a football game, a member of Kiss, Dee Snyder, dressing up for Halloween/a costume party, or an actor, lay off the make up!  Stay out of your sister/girlfriend’s closet and stop stealing her jeans too!  You look stupid.  Stop wearing skin tight jeans that you can’t pull up over your ass properly and wearing a belt with them!  See those numbers on the tags when  you buy them?  That’s called a size.  It’s very easy, measure your waist and then take that number, and use it when you buy pants.  If you see that number on the tag, then those pants will fit you properly.  Try it sometime!

– One more for the ladies and then I’m done.  I’m so not following this whole Emo/Scene look.  Oh, the hairstyles!  You look as though you’ve killed a nest of squirrels, stuffed them, colored the fuck out of them with Crayola markers, added glitter, ribbons, Christmas lights, and whatever other crap you found in your mom’s craft drawer, and then placed the whole ridiculous ensemble on your head.  Then to top it all off, the make up!  You are not a cartoon.  You are a human being!  Make up is for enhancing your natural look, not to make you look like Sailor Fucking Moon!  Unless you’re in a play or it’s fucking Halloween or something, put the makeup brush down!

What are your fashion pet peeves?  Share them in the comments!

Puff the Magic Dragon January 10, 2009

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Ok, so I know this is going to seem totally random, but it kind of is.  See, I was at work, jamming on my seemingly immortal MP3 player when “Puff the Magic Dragon” came on.  It’s one of those songs I know but have never really sat down and listened to.  I was standing while I was at work but I decided to take the time to listen to the tune nonetheless, and I have come to the following conclusion:

Jackie Paper is the worst friend ever.  Seriously.  If I had a dragon for a friend, I’d never desert him/her/it.  Shit, it’s only been my dream since I was about nine!  Come on, people, a dragon!  You’d always have a ride to school (well, work in my case), and bullies (assholes in my case) would never fuck with you.  “Yeah, call me fatty one more time and my friend here will turn you into a rotisserie, Colonel Sanders style!”  That’d be the end of that!

Dragons are the most bad-ass creatures I can think of, so I’d love to have one on my side!

Shame on Jackie Paper for leaving Puff just because he grew up.   Screw growing up!  I’m 24 and I still believe in dragons!  Jackie Paper doesn’t deserve to have a loyal friend like Puff.  What kind of last name is Paper anyway?  Is he like Jan Brady’s imaginary boyfriend, George Glass?

…Why do I know Jan Brady’s imaginary boyfriend’s name?

Ridiculous, I say!

Buffalo Sabres Player Tunes January 5, 2009

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Keeping up with music, I’m going to add another favorite thing of mine into the mix: HOCKEY!  My team is the Buffalo Sabres, the Buffalo girl that I am.  They have a feature, I think this is at least the second year of them doing this, I know they had it last year.  But what they do is they have “Player Tunes” at their home games.  Basically they pick a player and let him pick a few songs to have played during the course of the game.  After each game, they put the player’s picks up at Sabres.com – I discovered it totally by accident when I was looking for wallpapers.  I have carefully studied the picks so far this year, and I have made some observations.

I was happy to find that one of my favorite players on the team, Nathan Paetsch, is a country music fan!  I was more surprised to find out that Nathan Gerbe is also a country music fan!  What is it with Nathans and country music?  So far they’re the only ones who have country love.

Most surprising I think, is seeing that Jochen Hecht picked “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones.  Perhaps the serious-looking German has a softer side?

Patrick Kaleta picked Nirvana.  Somehow I wasn’t surprised.  (I hope he gets well soon!  Stupid cheap sucker-punch that went totally unpunished by the NHL.  Uncool!)

Toni Lydman is a rocker!  He has bands like Pantera and Slayer on his list.  He kind of looks the part doesn’t he?

I giggled out loud when I saw that Jaroslav Spacek had “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake on his list.  I immediately got the mental image of Jaro dancing to it in my head.  Then I read further down and saw “In Da Club” by 50 Cent and literally cackled.

Some of the more popular musical acts among the team include, the Foo Fighters, the Tragically Hip (listening to them right now!), Kanye West, and U2.  I think most of the team likes U2.  No idea why, though.

I totally expected Ryan Miller to have Pink Floyd on his playlist and was sort of disappointed that he didn’t.  For some reason I can imagine him putting on like, “Comfortably Numb” or something in his Zen moments before he goes out to play.  He did choose “Like a Stone” by Audioslave so that made me smile.

I think I might make another post on this subject once they play more games.  I want to see what some of the newer guys pick!

I love my Sabres!

Well, four days, four posts, let’s see if I can keep this rolling!

Destiny’s Ten Favorite Albums January 3, 2009

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Yeah, this is a weak idea, and I’m pretty sure I’ve done it on Myspace (though I can’t remember exactly what I put on there), but if you’ve never read me before, this will be totally new to you.  ^_^  I’m going to roll down the list from 10-1, and include a few favorite tracks from each album.  I should point out that it’s quite common for my favorite songs on the album to be the ones that never made it to radio, so if you’re unfamiliar with the songs I pick, check them out!

10. “Kerosene” – Miranda Lambert:  I have the hugest girlcrush on Miranda Lambert.  She’s an amazing singer-songwriter and so believably badass.  Her songs seem to come from where she’s been in life, and as a result they’re very relatable.  Favorite tracks: “There’s A Wall” “Greyhound Bound for Nowhere” and “Bring me Down”

9.  “Fallen” – Evanescence:  This is another of those albums I put on when I need to vent.  Amy Lee’s hauntingly beautiful voice, no matter how depressing a song she is singing, it always seems to bring me peace.   Favorite tracks:  “Imaginary” “Bring Me To Life” and “Everybody’s Fool”

8.  “Fly” – Dixie Chicks:  I love the Dixie Chicks.  I was so disappointed when everyone started hating them because they blasted President Bush.  Maybe once Obama takes office they can make a comeback.  This is my favorite album by them, basically because it’s the one I listened to the most.  I love to sing along to it (which, you will notice, is a quality I really value in a great album!).  Favorite tracks:  “Cold Day in July” “Hole in my Head” and “Sin Wagon”

7. “Come On Over” – Shania Twain:  Another country album that I love to sing along with.  It’s definitely my favorite Shania Twain album.  There are so many great songs on here I had trouble narrowing it down to my three favorite ones, but I think I managed alright.  Favorite tracks:  “When” “Whatever You Do (Don’t!)” and “I Won’t Leave You Lonely”

6. “Music Box” – Mariah Carey: My absolute favorite Mariah Carey album.  It’s simple and without a lot of the electronic crap that music has in it today.  I used to steal my mom’s cassette copy when I was a kid, I finally broke down and bought my own CD copy.  Favorite tracks: “Music Box” “Dreamlover” and “All I’ve Ever Wanted”

5. “Stripped” – Christina Aguilera:  Ah, Xtina!  I love this album because it has songs for all moods.  Happy, sad, romantic, sexy, angry, depressed, it’s an emotional rollercoaster!  It’s also fun to sing along and belt it out with one of the best voices ever.  Favorite tracks: “Cruz” “Keep on Singin’ My Song” and “Infatuation”

4.  “Closer” – Josh Groban:  I loved JG’s first CD enough to include it on this list, but “Closer” is the one that totally sealed my fate as a fan of his.  It inspires me, it brings me out of even the deepest of funks.  I can’t ever get sick of listening to it.  Favorite tracks:  “Mi Mancherai” (My happy place song) “When You Say You Love Me” and “Never Let Go”

3.  “The Right Place” – Bryan White:  This CD helped get me through 8th grade, and for that I will always love it.  It was what I chose to have signed at my Meet & Greet.  (Yes, I’ve actually met Bryan White.  I know you’re jealous.)  Favorite tracks:  “Never Get Around To It” “What Did I Do (To Deserve You)?” and “Bad Day to Let You Go”

2.  “The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most” – Dashboard Confessional:  This is the ultimate “singing away the blues” CD for me.  I put this in, and just rock out.  It was extremely instrumental in dealing with the grief process of my first big rejection from a guy.  Favorite tracks:  “Standard Lines”  “The Best Deceptions” and “The Brilliant Dance”

1.  “Invisible Touch” – Genesis: My reasons for picking this as my number one favorite album are mostly sentimental.  I have such wonderful memories of listening to this on cassette with my dad.  I can listen to it frontwards, backwards, on shuffle, whatever.  I love Phil Collins.  Favorite tracks:  “Invisible Touch”  “Domino” and “Anything She Does”

So there you have it.  There are my ten favorite albums.  I also have a bonus entry.  I’d say it’s my guilty pleasure but I feel no guilt whatsoever for loving this album.  I know I will probably get made fun of like mad for even mentioning it, but oh well!  The album I’m talking about is “In the Life of Chris Gaines” by Garth Brooks.  Yeah, so it was a fake album made for a fake character to be used as a soundtrack for a movie that was never even filmed.  But I don’t care.  I like the songs!  (And Garth Brooks looked foxy in the album art, IMO!)  Favorite tracks: “Driftin’ Away” “That’s the Way I Remember It” and “Unsigned Letter” (It has my name in it!)
What are your favorite albums? Please share them in the comments!

Writer’s Block. January 2, 2009

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I’m quite angry with myself at the moment.   I made this stupid blog and now I have no idea what to write in it.  I am suffering from the worst writer’s block imaginable.  I had ideas at work the other day but I never got a chance to write them down.  For shame!

Hopefully Friday finds some inspiration for me.  I promise I have some cool things to say, I just have to find them.  If push comes to shove I will find some old stuff to recycle until I get post ideas.
Hope everyone has a happy Friday.  🙂

New Year, New Blog. January 1, 2009

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So it’s officially 2009 now, and I decided to start a blog here on WordPress.  I’m joining the big kids table!

This blog will not really have a specific theme to it, my interests are far too varied to do such a thing.  I would get extremely bored talking about one thing all the time, and I think therefore you, the reader, would get bored reading about it all the time.  So I will try to break my posts down into specific categories.  I have some thought up at the moment, but I’m sure as I post more, I will add some.  The categores are as follows:

Sports = Love –  I love hockey and football.  My favorite teams are the Buffalo Sabres, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Buffalo Bills.  Anything I write about in regards to that will be categorized here.  If I should ever talk about anything else sports related, it would go here as well.

Media Play – I intend to write a lot about books, movies, TV, and games.  Stuff I like, stuff I don’t, whatever strikes my mood when I post.  Media Play was a big store that used to be here that sold all of those things.  I loved that store, and I named my “entertainment” category in its honor.

Ranting and Raving and Carrying On – I think this is pretty self-explanatory.  If something annoys about it me I will probably put it in this category.

Love and Relations – I’m no expert but I’ve been around the block once or twice, so this is where you’d find whatever I write that sounds like you might find it in Cosmo.

Food for Thought (and Eating) – I love to find and share recipes, and to try them out.  I will post them in this category!

Like I said, I’m sure I’ll make up more as I go along.  Also, as the name “Daily Dose of Destiny” suggests, I will try to post at least once every day.  My name is Destiny, so you get a daily dose of me.  Aren’t you lucky?  Speaking of lucky, I actually got the idea from the song “I Feel Lucky” by Mary Chapin Carpenter.

So that’s that for my inaugural post on Daily Dose of Destiny.  I think I’m going to call it DDoD for short.  That cool with you?