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Buffalo Sabres Player Tunes January 5, 2009

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Keeping up with music, I’m going to add another favorite thing of mine into the mix: HOCKEY!  My team is the Buffalo Sabres, the Buffalo girl that I am.  They have a feature, I think this is at least the second year of them doing this, I know they had it last year.  But what they do is they have “Player Tunes” at their home games.  Basically they pick a player and let him pick a few songs to have played during the course of the game.  After each game, they put the player’s picks up at Sabres.com – I discovered it totally by accident when I was looking for wallpapers.  I have carefully studied the picks so far this year, and I have made some observations.

I was happy to find that one of my favorite players on the team, Nathan Paetsch, is a country music fan!  I was more surprised to find out that Nathan Gerbe is also a country music fan!  What is it with Nathans and country music?  So far they’re the only ones who have country love.

Most surprising I think, is seeing that Jochen Hecht picked “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones.  Perhaps the serious-looking German has a softer side?

Patrick Kaleta picked Nirvana.  Somehow I wasn’t surprised.  (I hope he gets well soon!  Stupid cheap sucker-punch that went totally unpunished by the NHL.  Uncool!)

Toni Lydman is a rocker!  He has bands like Pantera and Slayer on his list.  He kind of looks the part doesn’t he?

I giggled out loud when I saw that Jaroslav Spacek had “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake on his list.  I immediately got the mental image of Jaro dancing to it in my head.  Then I read further down and saw “In Da Club” by 50 Cent and literally cackled.

Some of the more popular musical acts among the team include, the Foo Fighters, the Tragically Hip (listening to them right now!), Kanye West, and U2.  I think most of the team likes U2.  No idea why, though.

I totally expected Ryan Miller to have Pink Floyd on his playlist and was sort of disappointed that he didn’t.  For some reason I can imagine him putting on like, “Comfortably Numb” or something in his Zen moments before he goes out to play.  He did choose “Like a Stone” by Audioslave so that made me smile.

I think I might make another post on this subject once they play more games.  I want to see what some of the newer guys pick!

I love my Sabres!

Well, four days, four posts, let’s see if I can keep this rolling!



1. Ashlee Musical - January 5, 2009

And that’s after they all made frenzied phone calls just trying to locate an alternate Buffalo Sabres jersey here in Ottawa. Ashlee Musical

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