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Things you can do with a brick. January 25, 2009

Posted by Destiny in Randomness, Things that keep me up at night.
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*Disclaimer*  This blog is for entertainment purposes only.  Don’t try this stuff at home, kids.  (Well, the dangerous/criminal stuff, anyway.)  If you want to try number two, that’s on you.

1.  Hit someone in the head with it.  Of course this is number one, I’ve watched too much wrestling over the years.

2. Name it Bricky and keep it as a pet.  Keep it in a cage lined with newspaper and a bowl of water.  Feed it regularly.

3. Give it to someone you don’t like as a birthday gift.  Wrap it up in pretty paper and ribbons and give it to them with a smile.

4.  Throw it through a window.  (Don’t get caught!)

5. Put it in your purse (if you’re a woman) and hit someone with it.  When they ask “WTF do you have a brick in that thing?” Laugh and show them the brick.

6. Drop it from a really high building and see what happens.  (Don’t get caught!)

7 Box it up and mail it to someone.  (This would be a waste of money and I don’t even know if it’s legal, so I wouldn’t recommend it.)

8. If you make the brick your pet, paint eyes and a mouth on it and stuff.  Decorate it with macaroni or something.  Give it personality and flair.  Woo!

9. Bring it to an ECW show and see if a wrestler will use it during their match.  Well this would work if it were like, 1998 or something, damn it.

10. Wrap it up in brown paper and put it on someone’s porch to see if they think it’s a bomb.  For Pete’s sake, don’t get caught!
Well, that’s all I got.  What would you do with a brick?



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