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New Year, New Blog. January 1, 2009

Posted by Destiny in A note from Destiny.

So it’s officially 2009 now, and I decided to start a blog here on WordPress.  I’m joining the big kids table!

This blog will not really have a specific theme to it, my interests are far too varied to do such a thing.  I would get extremely bored talking about one thing all the time, and I think therefore you, the reader, would get bored reading about it all the time.  So I will try to break my posts down into specific categories.  I have some thought up at the moment, but I’m sure as I post more, I will add some.  The categores are as follows:

Sports = Love –  I love hockey and football.  My favorite teams are the Buffalo Sabres, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Buffalo Bills.  Anything I write about in regards to that will be categorized here.  If I should ever talk about anything else sports related, it would go here as well.

Media Play – I intend to write a lot about books, movies, TV, and games.  Stuff I like, stuff I don’t, whatever strikes my mood when I post.  Media Play was a big store that used to be here that sold all of those things.  I loved that store, and I named my “entertainment” category in its honor.

Ranting and Raving and Carrying On – I think this is pretty self-explanatory.  If something annoys about it me I will probably put it in this category.

Love and Relations – I’m no expert but I’ve been around the block once or twice, so this is where you’d find whatever I write that sounds like you might find it in Cosmo.

Food for Thought (and Eating) – I love to find and share recipes, and to try them out.  I will post them in this category!

Like I said, I’m sure I’ll make up more as I go along.  Also, as the name “Daily Dose of Destiny” suggests, I will try to post at least once every day.  My name is Destiny, so you get a daily dose of me.  Aren’t you lucky?  Speaking of lucky, I actually got the idea from the song “I Feel Lucky” by Mary Chapin Carpenter.

So that’s that for my inaugural post on Daily Dose of Destiny.  I think I’m going to call it DDoD for short.  That cool with you?